Creating water saving, sustainable, enjoyable gardens highlighting native plants in Southern California.

Silverleaf Natural Landscapes' designs often incorporate water saving native plants, sustainability-oriented features, and concepts of Feng Shui. Habitat, edible, medicinal, meditation, sculpture, pet-friendly garden designs. Inspirations have an international or local, Southern California flavor.
Our Philosophy: landscapes designed to be:
  • Low water and low care
  • Enjoyable and functional
  • ´╗┐Sustainable
  • Artistic and natural
  • Peaceful and pleasing to the senses

Benefits of Native Plants

Savings on irrigation, care, and maintenance costs.

Compared to conventional plants used throughout Southern California in landscaping, native plants use very low water and do not require fertilizers and weekly maintenance. There are potentially large maintenance and water bill cost savings by incorporating native plants into your garden.

Native plants can provide greenery in sun or shade and year-round color displays.

Natural symbiotic relationships in the soil provide extra nourishment and eliminate the need to use fertilizers and other chemicals. Birds and butterflies are attracted almost immediately when many of their favorite plants are installed.